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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pirate Party Menu

These parties that are held at least once a year are truly over the top.  The work and planning that the host and hostess do is truly amazing and creative.  I thought I would share what the menu was for the pirate party!

Pirate flags at the front entrance!  Enter the "ship" and you have a choice of 5 different kinds of rum!!  I am sure that you could have anything but hey, drink rum, it's a pirate party.  I can and will drink rum as it is my choice of alcohol anytime.

Next up is a pickle plate.  Pearl onions and gherkins and also tiny tomatoes and those little cheese ball things and also spring rolls with a peanut sauce.

Bacon wrapped scallops follow and these are SO good!

Lettuce and crab salad. 

Now onto the main course!  Lobster tails, filet mignon, rice, asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and broccoli salad.

More rum?  Port (rum of course)? 

And now after many, many laughs, gun fire (okay not fire) but guns and some more laughs, desert is lemon merigne cake/pie and very special coffees, another fabulous dinner is over.  How long until the next one?

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