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Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Christmas Words

One more for awhile!  A clean and simple card but also inspired by Heartfelt Creations!  If you would like any details on this one, send an email to me!

White Christmas Card

Okay it is snowing outside and I have another Christmas card for you.  I can't think of what else I should be doing in this miserable, snowy weather.  Another card inspired by Heartfelt Creations!

I don't think I have done an all white card before and it is kind of challenging.  I did use some gold embossing powder and gold ribbon.  I like how it all came together! 

As always, I love reading any comments or suggestions!

Photos look really blue but I can't retake the photos as this card is already sold.  It really was all white with just the gold embossing powder!!  LOL!

Angel Wings

I made these Christmas cards awhile ago and realized that I never posted them.  Here is one that was inspired by Heartfelt Creations.  Heartfelt Creations has some amazing products and a fabulous blog of ideas so check them out.

Here is my version!

If you would like any info on this just send me an email and I will do my best!  I would love to read your comments on what you think of this one!

Over the Top

Hi!  I'm back with a card for you to see.  A co-worker asked me to make a birthday card that was "over the top".  It is interesting how life seems to happen!   About the time that she asked me I discovered a blog called and this fabulous crafter inspired me to try "over the top"!

I contacted Jennifer about using the Stampendous Frantage and she was very helpful.  I also asked if she minded me posting this as it is so similar to her "style" and she has told me to go ahead. 

I would love to hear what you think of this.  Warning!!  Photo heavy!!  Thank you so much for your help Jennifer!  I love how this came out and I hope that my co-worker and the recipient like it!