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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quarter Note Clutch

This one was also made in the summer time and I never posted it.  It is the Quarter Note Clutch by Emmaline Bags and it is really simple to put together.  As the name says, it is made with a couple of fat quarters.  I like the fabrics that I chose!

If you would like any details on this one, just let me know!

Necessary Clutch Wallet

This wallet is a pattern by Emmaline Bags.  I love how this came together.  It is fairly straight forward if you pay attention and do the steps in order.  There is an entire Facebook group just on this pattern!!  :-)

If you would like any details on this one just let me know!  I would love to know what you think of this creation!!

Everyday Memories

This box project was another design from Treasured Memories in Edmonton.  This one was designed by the very talented and creative Chantel.  I saw this one in the store and if you know me then you know that if it is a book or a box I just have to make it!  LOL!  This is so beautiful in the simplicity and elegance of the creation.  That is a watch in the top corner of the box!!

The binder rings that you can see on the right side are pages to put photos on the back side.  I have taken two pictures of the pages.  There are several different pages though.

Travel Mini Album

I made this travel mini a month or so ago and just never posted the project.  This one was also created by Nadine at Treasured Memories in Edmonton.  It was sitting in the very tall project pile and I decided to tackle it.  I love how this was designed and I love how it turned out.  The first page is a plastic sheet so that is why you can see the other stuff behind it.  There are lots of pockets and envelopes for those special trip mementos.  I will be trying another version some day, hopefully soon!

This is also photo heavy!

Thank you to Kc for the help with the binding!

Christmas Daily

I haven't posted any projects for a long time but I have a couple for you now.  There are a lot of photos.  Just warning!  :-)
The first project is last year's Christmas Daily.  These projects are created by the very talented Nadine at Treasured Memories in Edmonton.  I have made these for a few years now and they have become a tradition for me.  Anyways, the book was all "made".  The binder and all the pages.  There are more than 25 pages.  One for each day and some extra pages for keepsakes and photos.  I am only posting a few pages.

There are lots of pockets, photo sleeves, envelopes and glitter in this one.  The first picture is the cover.  I would love to hear what you think of this project and I would love to see your Christmas Daily ideas.