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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pirate Costumes

Back in October of 2011, Art and I received an invitation to attend a pirate costume party that was going to be held in March of 2012.  LOTS of time to sew costumes!  I haven't made clothing for a very long time but this shouldn't be a problem, I can figure it out!

Christmas and all the stuff that goes along with the season arrives and I have until March to sew, so let's delay until January!

Okay, it's the begining of January so let's get everything out and start this sewing project thing.

Planning on making five pieces.  First on up is Art's shirt!  Going along quite nicely but the edges ravelled bad so they need a serged edge, again no problem on this part.  Then we get to the cuffs and ruffles, good grief!  The directions on the pattern sheet are WRONG!  So one cuff is partly done with the wrong direction.  Figure everything out and I'm on my way again.  Well, when I get to the second cuff and know what I am doing, I forgot to trim as it said in the incorrect directions.  One cuff ends up 1/4 inch longer than the other.

Art is so good and he doesn't really care that they are different and after all it is only 1/4 inch.  No one will notice!

Second piece is purple satin pirate pants for me.  Being so careful to make sure that the fabric is going the right way and I end up cutting two pant legs the same.  Of course I don't have enough fabric to just recut one leg, so I end up piecing the one leg that doesn't work!  Again, it just took way too much time to figure out how the piecing should be done. 

Frustration level is starting to rise at this point but that's only two pieces out of the five.

Next piece is the overdress for me.  It is a vest with a skirt.  FULL skirt!  I have a beautiful purple velvet with sparkles in it and a silky smooth, light as air lining fabric!!  Try to get these two fabrics to sew together!!!!  Try!!  Just try!!  Now the frustration level is brimming over and the panic starts.  Pin every fraction of a quarter of an inch and proceed with caution.  Finally get this one together, but like I said the frustartion level is bursting.

Next piece is my shirt!  Easy on this one as it is a simple cotton fabric!  Well, I did cut everything out correctly but then I just happen to reverse the hem and elastic on one of the sleeves!!  Tell me why I am sewing this again?  Rip all that out and I am on my way again.  Shirt finished!!

On the last piece now and it is the same purple velvet and lining that I used on the overdress but I am making a vest for Art.  Same problems trying to get these two fabrics to sew together.  Also, sew the arm holes and the sides and the neckline AND then try to turn right side out!!!!

All of this finally comes together with lots of help form my Mom on the stupid vest and the costumes are ready!  I spent two and half months on this project!! 

The party was absolutely incredible and the host and hostess are just so amazing with all they do for this.  The decorations and planning are truly over the top.

Kim and Darwin you guys are the best and after all the frustrations with the costumes it was so worth it. 

The decorating that is done for these parties is so incredible that I thought I would share.  Creative doesn't begin to describe what is done.  Every area has somehting that pertains to the theme of the party.

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