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Friday, July 1, 2011

Intermediate Copic Certified!

You will see the new "Copic Intermediate Logo" on the sidebar of my blog.  I did it!  This one blew me away.  There is just so much information and it will take lots and lots of practice to get those shadows "just" right.  Thank you Sherrie for a wonderful day and all the info.  It is still swimming in my head 2 weeks later!!  I will master that "lilac plant"! 

Will have some new creations going up soon so watch for them.  Altered suticase, altered file folder, journals, tins and hopefully some coloring soon.

During the class I was thinking that I liked the way I colored faces and hair but as I had paid to be there and I will always try something new, I have now found some "new" favorites for the faces for sure.  So many different combination that are available to work with.  Nothing compares with the selection that the Copics offer.

Reds are another one that I will "master"!  Think roses and Santa and Christmas coloring.  Hopefully have some "red" cards or creations up in the next little while. 

Watch for a new entry on the Vintage Scrapbook Series.  Kathleen Sundby at Treasured Memories is truly so inspirational.  Every month I think it is the best and then she comes out with another one that I think is better.

I am so happy to have my 5 followers.  Post comments when you like something but I would also like feedback on the things that you don't like.  How in the world do people get thousands of followers?  Maybe one day.

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