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Friday, March 22, 2013

House Reorganizing

I mentioned in that first post that I am reorganizing three rooms in my house.  The first room was putting in floor to ceililng bookshelves and was a major time consumer.  I have many, many, many books and this took a long time to pack them up, get the bookcases from Ikea and get them up and then organize all those books.  I will take pics of that room later.

I am now working on the third room (second was the sewing room and done)!  I am probably crazy to show what this looks like and embarassed but here goes!

I started pulling stuff out of the craft room to figure out plan how I was going to organize it.  That pile is only part of what I have to sort out.

This is my desk (working table) right now!  I am working on a Christams gift!  Yes, for 2013!  I hope to have that finished later today and maybe get it posted.  I took a break from the "work" just to make something!!  Once the gift is ready, I will be back at the sorting and organizng!!

Would love to hear how you sort and organize and clean up your craft spaces and any comments on the post are welcome and appreciated.

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